Photo Studio Centurion Pretoria

6 x 10 Metres + Infinity Curve + Backdrop System

This studio consists of a large space with both a white infinity curve and a paper backdrop system. It has been laid out in such a way that you can use it effectively as two studios, shooting against the white infinity wall and then switching to the paper backdrop on the other side.

This shooting space is big enough to shoot medium-sized groups and large products, such as motorbikes, etc. The space is five metres wide and ten metres long towards the infinity wall; the shooting distance can be extended beyond ten metres by opening the shutter door and shooting from the outside.

For photographers booking the studio, inclusive in the booking fee is the following:

– Free access to our Wi-Fi
– Use of our Bluetooth speakers
– All equipment, as outlined on our equipment list


Upon arrival, one of the Studio 012 team members will show you around the space and assist you with locating the equipment you will need for your session.

At an optional added cost, one of the friendly team members can aid you with specific lighting setups. If this is required, kindly let us know beforehand what your requirements are, and we will quote you accordingly.

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