Photo Studio Centurion Pretoria

Studio 012 offers an extensive range of studio gear and accessories, ideal for portraits and product photography.

These come standard when booking the studio.

Clients are welcome to bring their own lighting gear, studio accessories and props.


  • 3 x 3 m Wall on Wheels
  • 2 x Bookends (White and Black)
  • 4 x 5-in-one Reflectors
  • 2 x Reflector Arms


  • 3 x 400 Watt Godox Strobes
  • 2 x 600 Watt HSS Jinbei Strobes
  • 2 x 500 Watt Elinchrom Strobes
  • 2 x 300 Watt Elinchrom Strobes
  • 2 x 260 Watt Hylow Strobes


The Studio offers ample light-modifiers that are all fitted against the walls for convenient access and control.

 Shaper Bowens Mount Elinchchrom Mount
Elinchrom to Bowens Adapter Ring 2
Reflector Dish 4 3
1.5 m Octabox + Scrim, Diffuser 1
60 cm Mini Octabox + Diffuser 1
1.1 m Softbox + Scrim, Diffuser 1
70 cm Small Softbox + Scrim, Diffuser 1
1.8 m Stripbox + Scrim, Diffuser, Grid 2
44 cm Softlite Beauty Dish 1
1.25 m Octabox + Scrim, Diffuser 1
1.5 m Stripbox + Scrim, Diffuser, Grid 2
80 cm Beauty Dish + Grid, Shower Cap 1
65 cm pop-up Softbox/Beauty Dish + Diffuser, Grid 1
Snoot 1
Background Reflector 1
Barndoor + Grid 1
2 m Silver Parabolic Umbrella 1 1
2 m White Parabolic Umbrella 1 1
60 cm Silver Reflective Umbrella 2 2
80 cm Umbrella Softbox, White Inner 1 1
80 cm Umbrella Softbox, Silver Inner 1 1
60 cm Shoot-thru Umbrella 4 4


  • 2 x C-Stands with Booms
  • 1 x Kupo Junior Boom Arm for C-Stand

The studio offers ample standard lighting stands, including a set of background stands with a Crossbar.


Apart from the White Infinity Curve, the studio comes with two wall-mounted backdrop systems, a wall-mounted wooden backdrop and backdrop stands. We have a standard Black and White PVC Backdrop, as well as Paper and Muslin backdrops.


Each studio space has a monitor (HDMI) and you can bring only your laptop and suitable connection cables.


• Screens and Trolley for tethered shooting
• Sekonic L308Ls Light Meter
• 1 x LED Light Panel with Barndoors (Product Shoots)
• 2 x Gloxy Power Blades (Product Shoots)
• Grey Cards and X-Rite Colour Checker
• Colour Wheel
• Several types of clamps and clips
• Black Foam Core Sheets
• White Foam Core Sheets
• Diffuser Sheets
• Black Sheets


The following paper backdrops are most-frequently in stock and available for use:

• Grey
• Black
• White Paper
• Green
• Light Blue
• Mocca Brown

Need other colours?

Should you require any additional colours, depending on the demand for the colour, we may be able to order it for you. Alternatively, if we do not foresee using the required colour frequently again, we can assist by sourcing it for you at your own cost.

Check out our Paper Backdrop Swatch to see which colour paper backdrops can be sourced.

*Note: Availability cannot be guaranteed.

Additional Cost for Paper Backdrops

Please note that you will be charged R300 per metre of damaged paper and for every metre rolled down onto the floor. We will not charge for undamaged paper backdrops, i.e. when it was used only for head and shoulder and three-quarter portraits.



We kindly request for clients that book the Studio to sign a Studio Etiquette Form and our standard Terms and Conditions.

These will be emailed to you or will be available when you arrive for your shoot.

Please refer to our Studio Etiquette tab for more information.